Tired of getting baits that don’t work, hook, line and sinker? Every little bait shop or ‘avid’ fisherman has their ‘secret’ weapon that consistently nets big fish. Yet every time you try out these guaranteed solutions you never catch the big one or the number of fish that you expect. Let this article be a guide to review of all the ‘best of’ writing on bass fishing lures. As a definitive guide to the best of the best you will know that these top 10 lures will ensure a great day on the lake. With thousands of baits and lures on the market, making sure you have 10 top performers will make you a pro-angler in no time.

1) Buzzbaits

As a topwater bait the buzzbaits made from plastic or aluminum make a buzzing sound and skim over vegetation without the issue of snagging. They come in two shapes including U-shaped or inline with one to four blades. Most pros will bend the blades to provide different action in the water.

2) Jigbaits

Another consistent go-to bait of pro anglers is the jigbait. There are tons of configurations and most use a trailer with jigbaits. Natural color brown jigs tend to work best in a deep structure but black and blue baits are a great addition as well. These three colors are all you need. The real trick is in knowing where to throw them.

3) Crankbaits

Originally invented in the 1960s the lipless crankbait is still a favourite among pros and amateurs alike. The Rat-L trap with its internal rattle tends to drive bass crazy as many trophy winners have found over the years. Its best used across shallow water grasses.

4) Spinnerbaits

With a couple white or white and yellow 5/8 ounce spinnerbaits you will be ready for almost any bass fishing scenario. Especially effective for locating bass fishing holes and in warm waters this bait is a must have for the tackle box.

5) Swimbaits

Over the last few years these baits have become the largest winners for largemouth bass. Lots to choose from, just make sure to choose one that fits your location especially big bass waters like California or Texas.

6) Jerkbaits

Not even commercially made until the 90s most fishermen use these baits wrongly. Even though they are specific situation lures, in the right spot they are an amazing quality lure. Their best use is in cold water conditions where bass are usually hardly moving. They are also often jerked and pulled too hard. Let the action of the lure do its work. Not familiar with jerkbaits? Check them out here: http://bit.ly/jerkbait

7) Chatterbaits

Falling somewhere between a buzzbait and jigbait, the chatterbait has been making some amazing trophy inroads. This vibrating bait has made a big splash virtually overnight, but all the trophy wins with this bait cannot be wrong. More than that it is very versatile in either shallow or deep water.

8) Creature Baits

Sometimes the regular lures are not working and you have to throw some rubber into the mix. These baits can look like nothing or anything in the water and come in all sorts of colors and sizes and can also be used as trailer baits for other rig setups.

9) Senko Worms

Another very popular rubber companion because bass just seem to love these yummy worms in any rig or set up. Not having luck with other lures, try these baits in combo to ensure a quick catch.

10) Tube baits

One of the most versatile and widely used rubber products the tube bait can catch large or smallmouth in almost any water at any temperature. When all else fails its time to hook up a tube bait and catch a fish.

Now that you have a definitive list of must have baits and lures vetted and proven by pro-anglers all over the world with trophies aplenty the end of season sales going on now are the perfect time to time to stock up on these baits and lures. Your next fishing trip may be the experience of a lifetime.


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