As big game hunters and centerfire rifle shooters we like to overshoot our targets — delivering more than enough energy to cleanly kill our target. However for small game hunting like squirrels, rodents, skunks or other pesky critters modern air rifles are more than capable of getting the job done without the cost expensive ammo or the loud report of a rifle or shotgun.

As a small game hunter you will probably still want the best. One of the best widely available pellet rifle manufacturers today is Gamo. Their newest air rifles use inert gas allowing a more lightweight air rifle. This removes the spring mechanism, minimizing recoil and further reducing its weight. All these qualities make this one of the best rifles for everyone.



The distance of air rifles is grouped into four categories, light, medium, magnum and super-magnum. Light air rifles are intended mainly for use up to 35 yards, which make them great all-around general use for target shooting, pest control and animal hunting. Medium extends it to 50 yards and the two magnum classes extend it up to 80 yards for precision targeting. Picking off a squirrel from 80 yards in a tree at night is a notable achievement for any marksman.

The following Gamo air rifles fit the bill for the even the most discerning small animal hunter:

Silent Stalker

With 5 in the series, the options are plentiful. Used as a great small game hunting rifle and great with pest control this series has some top notch options for making sure your hunting goes as planned.

Whisper Fusion

Gamo raised the bar with this series. With the new raised rail scope it goes beyond what most air rifles can offer in scope technology. As well, when the scope is attached it cannot slip backward or forward on the rail, a large issue with other rail scopes. This series has been often remarked as the best series Gamo has ever made.


One of their best-selling series, the Socom series comes in 6 different combinations including: Extreme, Tactical, Carbine, Carbine Elite, Extreme .22 cal, Extreme .25 cal. These guns provide sizzling velocity especially when paired with match grade accuracy ammunition.

Varmint Stalker

This is one of their best series for small game hunting, not so much for the rifle as for the accessories that come with it. These include mountable onto the scope flashlight and laser pointer for better accuracy during nighttime’s hunting.

Bone Collector

Based on the TV series these weapons are very popular for reasons other than their TV fame. They use revolutionary new inert gas technologies that quiet the shooting by more than 50%, lowers its weight and recoil during shooting.

As small game and varmint hunters go, you still want a reliable air rifle. With any of the choices above your small game hunting will go smoothly, time and again.



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