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Traveling Problems to Avoid

Discussion in 'Swimming' started by subo99, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. subo99

    subo99 Guest

    Always sticking too much to the plan

    Try to be flexible. Changing your plans when the weather is bad or when you are having money shortage is completely recommended. Your health and safety is always the most important. Also, keep track of your time while traveling to know when to rest to stay healthy. Keep in mind that you don’t need to travel the whole country in one visit, just save the rest for the next time.


    Carrying too much is one of the most common problems of travelers. Remember to only pack what you need. Be aware that packing things such as jewelry or too many books might give you some unwanted troubles. During your trip, there might be things you want to buy. Therefore, saving some space for them would be a great idea. After all, carrying less, especially in a back pack, will make your trip more enjoyable.


    Your budget is not a restriction but rather to experience the place more authentically. Keep an amount of spare money for unexpected spendings. Especially when you are planning on travelling for a long time, there must always be a back-up plan for your budget.

    Booking flights with the transit time too short

    Unless you really have to, try not to do it. You would miss the other flight if any problems were to happen. There should be at least an hour or two between two of your flights.

    Ignoring advices from local people

    Remember those scary movies where some teenagers on vacation disregarded the local’s advices and then get themselves into trouble with killers and all that? Well, it might not be the case for us in real-life. However, their advices may be able to help you avoid robbers, scams… After all, they are the expert here, not you.

    Wrong airport

    Make sure to double check your airport. You might go to the wrong one that city have more than one airport. Also, try learning how to say the airport’s name when you are going to non-English countries, in case you need to tell your cab-driver where to go.

    Not Buying Insurance

    Why keep a few dollars to yourselves while you can spend it on an insurance for your safety and benefit? There might be problems travel trips that can be solved by buying one in advance like losing your bags, plane delays or medical emergency.

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