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Kershaw Brawler - daily carry

Discussion in 'Knives' started by mlotziii, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. mlotziii

    mlotziii Administrator Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    After 3-months of use the Kershaw Brawler is a tough knife that holds up to daily use.

    I have carry a knife in my pocket nearly all of the time. Routinely I cut, pry, wedge, trim, and hammer thins with my knife. Over the years Kershaw has become a brand that I have grown to trust and when it comes to purchasing a knife I generally start with Kershaw, and if they do not make what I'm looking for then I lean towards Coldsteel.

    kershaw-brawler.jpg Recently, I had a Gerber knife but it was hard to open and its all metal construction made it slippery when it was wet. I decided in January it was time for a new knife and found the Kershaw Brawler. I was particularly interested in this knife because the belt/pocket clip can be moved to one of four positions. Being left handed I like to keep my knife in my left hip pocket. All other knives required me to slide the knife out of my pocket and then turn it around in my hand before opening it. By being able to adjust the clip location on the knife I can now slide the knife out of my pocket and using the speedsafe lever open the knife in one motion.

    The handle is injection molded plastic and offers plenty of grip.

    After carrying this knife 7-days per week for more than 3-months I am very happy with how well it has held up and how sharp the blade is to this day.

    The one feature I wish it had was a serrated blade which was available about 2-years ago but has since been discontinued.

    The model is Kershaw 1990 - Brawler featuring the Speedsafe opening system.

    I give it 5/5 for high quality, durability, ease of use.
  2. 17 Oaks

    17 Oaks New Member

    Mar 26, 2013
    For YEARS I carried a pocket knife, my faves were the CRKT of which I have about a 1/2 dozen or so. Then one day I was given a Leatherman Leatherman multi-tools: Skeletool and I have never looked back or carried a knife again.

    Needlenose Pliers
    Regular Pliers
    Wire Cutters
    Hard-wire Cutters
    420HC Combo Knife
    Carabiner Clip/Bottle Opener
    Large Bit Driver with a flat blade and a phillips, both are small on one end large on the other

    I feel nekid if I don't have it on me and I use it almost daily.

    Got 2 now, I was over at the VA the other day and I had to turn it in to get into one of the offices. When I came out another guy was on the desk and I told him I wanted my Leatherman back. He pulls out a tray and asks what does it look like I tell him and he finds it and as he is handing it too me he sez they have another one and do I want it? HUH, SURE. They have another tray of knives left longer than 30 days and at the end of 30 days they get rid of them, give them away, donate to Boy Scouts etc. This was brand new, so stiff to open I broke a nail even. Prob the guy was just not used to carrying it and left it behind, never came back.
  3. mlotziii

    mlotziii Administrator Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    I have to agree with you about feeling naked without it. I often leave my house without my cell phone but never my knife.

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