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"How To, BackPacks"

Discussion in 'Backpacking' started by MrMarty51, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. MrMarty51

    MrMarty51 New Member

    Oct 29, 2013
    OK, so I have been thinking about purchasing a backpack. I knows absolutely nothingk about whut to look for, more importantly, I think, is, what to look "OUT" for.
    My back is sort of messed up so I`d guess I would want to stay under fifty pounds, tent, sleeping bag, ammo, and food and water.
    I know that`d be a lot to ask for, especially on a four or five days journey into the back woods, or even the hills and plains of Eastern Montana.
    I am just over six foot tall, about 6`-1" and weigh in at under 190 on any day, usually holding in at 18o to 185.
    I know there is a method for measuring the body for a back pack that fits, I do not know squat about this procedure.
    I would like a pack with the internal frame too and with the whatchamacallit cinch belt for keeping the pack in position above the hips, I`d guess.
    Now, for the down side, I have no money, whenever there is something I need or want, it takes a very long time to get the mooolah together so I can make My purchase. For instance, a Mil. Surp. bipod I just purchased, less than thirty dollars, it took Me a month to get that much money together, so, I am on a very tight budget too, I guess it`ll be the "BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK."
    Show Me the way guide.

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