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Camping at 4 Months Old

Discussion in 'Campgrounds' started by sarallotz, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. sarallotz

    sarallotz Guest

    My husband and I took our oldest daughter tent camping for the first time when she was only 4 months old. Were we crazy?
  2. AKAI

    AKAI Guest

    All three of my kids were camping long before that, while they were stillin the womb! did you have any trouble with the crying all night and stuff like that, hope the poo didn't attract any bears!
  3. mlotziii

    mlotziii Administrator Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    Actually, our daughter slept much better with nothing between her and the stars except the nylon tent. We think the sounds of the woods helped to calm her.

    Where we were there might be a black bear or two but they are small and skittish.

    The only problem we had was a 3,000 elevation climb with her in the baby bjorn but that had more to do with me not being in shape. ;)

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