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7 Fashion Trends from Europe

Discussion in 'ATVs' started by subo99, Aug 5, 2015.

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    7 Fashion Trends from Europe

    Miniskirt – UK

    Men sure love checking out girls in miniskirt. Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a girl wearing miniskirt on the street. Did you know it originated from the United Kingdom? The trend has been popular since the late 1950. It also travels around the world. The one responsible for this popular fashion trend is Mary Quant, the first to upgrade it to a higher level in fashion with her designs.


    Dr Martens – Germany

    Originated from Germany, these boots was created by Dr Maertens in order to help avoid injury while skiing. In 1950, a UK shoe maker, Bill Griggs, spotted these boots in a magazine, which inspired him to remarket them with a different design called the Dr. Martens. Ever since then, the boots have never been out of style all around the globe.

    Clogs – Sweden

    This fashion trend came from Sweden in the mid of the late 20th century. Unlike Dutch clogs, the Swedish ones have a leather top with closed peep-toe. The height ranges from low to high heels. Although some surveys show that lots of men don’t like a woman in clogs, the trend still viable until now.

    Denim – France

    The fabric was introduced by Levi Strass, who is German but living in the French town of Nimes (de Nîmes). When they began producing the fabric, at first, the fabric didn’t catch much attention. It was not until some celebrity start wearing it in the 1900s that it became more popular. Until now Denim has never been out of fashion and surely going to stay with us for a long, long time.

    Beret – France

    Of course, this list wouldn’t be finished without the one and only Berret. From a hat wore by French and artists, this hat have been a popular image on television. An example is its association with the TV series ‘Allo ‘Allo. And thanks to the series, Beret turned into a French stereo type that everybody just can’t shake off. The beret has existed for quite some time, but the way French started mass producing them in the 19th century made them famous.

    Ushanka Hat – Russia

    Another hat but this time it’s a fur hats! How fun is that? From Russia came the Ushanka hat. Too bad, the trend had gone off long ago. People have tried reworking fur hats a lot around the world. However, the original hat from Russia is still way to big and can get really heavy in the rain.

    Chaquetilla – Spain

    The Chaquetilla jackets have been worn by Spanish bullfighters for quite some time. They are usually adorned in gold and designed to assist in bullfighting. Its main goal is for easy of movement.

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